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Let us build and maintain your pools and spas all year long.
Leave it to us – “Just Swim & Relax!” We are your #PoolGuys


Create your own private oasis right in your back yard with a quality pool installation. We are proud to offer fiberglass pools.


Let our trained professionals service your pools and spas all year round with our BioGuard and SpaGuard products.

Building the Perfect Kentucky Home
Backyard Division

We pride ourselves in being Richmond, KY’s leading pool and water care experts. We offer unique pool and spa styles, such as beach entry Thursday fiberglass pools, that are bound to get your friends and family enjoying the warm-weather days in your backyard.

Our high-quality Bioguard and Spaguard products allow us to maintain the health of your pool across all life-cycles. From pool installation to the end of season maintenance, all you need to do is leave it to us – just swim and relax!

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Sun Day Pool

T40 Pool

Aspen Pool

Aspen Pool

Aspen Pool


“They did a spectacular job on my Radiant Above Ground swimming pool. Best purchase my family has made, we made amazing memories right in my back yard! Employees are great to work with, Justin is especially patient and knowledgeable. Thanks American Pool and Spa for the great work y’all did!! Plus I love trublue promise, my pool never clouded! Water stayed crystal clear!!”
Juliana Wallhausser

“Excellent work. Installed a new pool liner for our pool, and went through 2 liners that didn’t fit correctly before finally being satisfied with the 3rd. I appreciate a company who refuses to do sub-quality work that they would be pleased with in their own homes. And they even worked in the rain in time to finish the job by the time we wanted it done. Also, after having them analyze our pool water and recommend the right chemicals, our water has never been so clear, and we haven’t had a touch of algae this summer. Will definitely use their services again.”
Joe King

“Great place. They make it so easy for someone who is new with pools. Once they test ur water, they give u a printout and mark the bottles to make it easy when u get home. Pool chemicals can get pricey, but that is anywhere. They have top of the line products and send coupons in the mail! Excellent customer service. U won’t find any better.”
Candus O

“They put our pool in 2 years ago and have taken care of it ever since. My pool water is always crystal clear. They care for my pool and my hot tub. I cannot say enough about Justin and his staff. Always professional and always friendly!”
Michael Putnam

“Justin and Darren take great care of their customers. As a pool owner., I never have to worry. They are honest and responsive to our pool needs. When it comes to opening, closing and keeping my pool in tip top sparkly condition- there is no one better than John. Give this business a chance, you won’t regret it. Oh- and the store mascot- Splash the dog- is awesome. We won’t use anyone else.”
Jamee Barton

“Darren and the guys came and fixed my Hot Springs Hot Tub The Very next Day after I called him.
Customer service is hard to find these Days,but these guys go above and beyond to help there customers!! So glad I bought my Hot Tub from Darren at American Pool and Spas in Richmond! Thanks again Guys!”
Chris Miller

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