Inground Fiberglass Pool Manufacturers Using 100% North American Materials

A pearl is a thing of beauty that anyone would be fortunate to come across. If you can’t dive for one in the near future, why not install one of our Pearl fiberglass pool inserts?

Our Pearl-1525 spa is a unique design that is a true piece of art with dimensions of 15′ by 25′ with a 3’6″ depth.

There is also a shallow area which is ideal for placing a lawn chair on. The scalloped designed shape implies an attractive seating arrangement that will accommodate your friends.

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Pool Shimmer® Series

Thursday Pools – Pool Shimmer® Series – Pool Surface Colors

Thursday Pools® offers the Shimmer® Series composite surfaces for swimming pools. The Shimmer® Series was specifically designed by CCP Composites US for the swimming pool industry. It is a surface that has been time tested and proven to create a durable, blister and fade resistant composite. The distinctive flakes and deep rich colors will provide a beautiful gloss and excellent color retention that will keep your pool looking beautiful for many years to come. The smooth durable finish inhibits the growth of algae thus reducing the amount of time a chemicals needed to maintain the pool.

Features and Benefits
• Deep, rich color and sparkling finish
• Excellent resistance to water blistering
• Resistant to fading caused by swimming pool chemicals
• Durable, reduced maintenance products


Pool Shimmer® Series Colors