Our Optional Innovations

1) Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System

Purchasing a Fiberglass Pool from Thursday Pools means that you’ll get more than a warranty to protect your investment. Their patented Fiberglass Pool Anchoring System™ raises the bar on the old industry standard when it comes to giving you peace of mind. This element allows your pool to literally be locked to the earth itself.

2) Lucky 7 Skimmer®

Thursday Pools introduces the Lucky 7 Skimmer, the first skimmer specifically designed for fiberglass pools. This new skimmer design is manufactured with a 7-degree angle and mounting plate to fit your Fiberglass Pool flawlessly. Unlike any other skimmer on the market; the Lucky 7 Skimmer was created to accommodate the actual shape of a fiberglass pool and function properly as it sits within the backfill housed in concrete. The features make this skimmer easier to install, improves it’s core function, optimizes water level, and provides a more polished look.

3) Backfill Eliminator®

Tanning ledges are a primary desire for many fiberglass pool owners and as a manufacturer Thursday Pools builds some of the largest and most structurally sound tanning ledges in the Industry. Traditionally, installing a fiberglass pool with a built-in tanning ledge has traditionally proven to be a challenge. That’s why Thursday Pools was excited to design and bring to the market it’s patented Backfill Eliminator, this innovation was designed to make tanning ledges on a fiberglass pool not only sturdier – but easier and more economical to install.

4) The World’s First Fiberglass Beach Entry Pool

A perfect day at the beach with the family isn’t just for vacations anymore. In fact, Thursday Pools new beach entry fiberglass pool design brings it straight to your backyard as they have created the world’s first beach entry fiberglass pool. Now you can walk seamlessly into your fiberglass pool with no gaps between the surrounding concrete back patio area and the water. (Utility Patent No. 10,358,837. Design patent pending.)

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