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We pride ourselves on our reputation of providing the most inclusive home pool and spa environments.  Our team is comprised of the highest quality experts in pool water care, home entertainment and worry free fun in your own backyard. Our motto says it – our wish is for every family to “Leave It To Us…Just Swim & Relax.”

We are committed to being an elite pool and hot tub store. Check out our videos and see the quality or our customer service, water care expertise and mastery of our product lines. Let us meet all your backyard entertainment needs.

3 Hot Spring Styles

Spa Install

Ace Salt Water Sanitizing System

Zero for 60 Baby!


Thirsty For Deals

Huge Discount Tease

Fiberglass Pool Installation

Hot Tub Filter Cleaning

Spa Chemical Basics

Hot Spring Grandee

Be Like Splish

Fully Functioning Hot Tub

Got Pool Trouble?

We’re American Pool & Spa

Meet Splish

Splash Loves Deals

Clear Water Matters

Spa Tool and Chemicals Tutorial

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